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About Us

SureWeather (SureWx) is, by far, the world’s largest provider of electronic holdover time solutions. Over 70 global airlines currently implement holdover times and other creative solutions on the flight deck using our platform.

SureWx is shaped by a pioneering and innovative spirit and driven by customer success. Our business approach is simple: we listen, we develop and we deliver.

We are proudly Canadian but boast many global flags within our business units, customer base and key personnel.

We have quietly become one of the world’s largest providers of electronic data solutions for aircraft ground deicing and airport winter operations, and our diverse and global customer base is a testament to the value we provide our partner customers:

  • Operational efficiencies
  • Cost savings
  • Process simplification and refinement
  • Improved safety of operations
  • Enhanced data management
  • Improved environmental performance


SureWx employs a single, user-friendly interface to power an integrated suite of core holdover time solutions, which includes:

  • SureHOT+: Measurement-based holdover times
  • SureHOT: METAR-based holdover times
  • SureApp: Electronic Holdover Time (e-HOT) Calculator

All solutions are fully configurable to the customer and can be delivered electronically at various stages during the pre-flight process to support flight crew decisions.

SureHOT+ is SureWx’s flagship solution and employs an automated airport system comprised of numerous sensors that continuously measure weather conditions at the airport. The system employs the weather measurements to compute precise outputs that can be tailored to the requirements of each customer.

SureWx also offers many other innovative and complimentary solutions for aircraft ground deicing and airport winter operations, including a wide range of data management solutions. For more information on these exciting solutions, please contact SureWx.


SureApp is SureWx’s Electronic Holdover Time (e-HOT) Calculator.

SureApp is a simple, user-friendly application that fully automates the Transport Canada and Federal Aviation Administration holdover time tables. SureApp simplifies the overall holdover time calculation and monitoring process for the flight crew, allowing the pilot to manually enter the airport and weather parameters into the application and to select the applicable anti-icing fluid. SureApp calculates holdover time for the selected fluid and provides the flight crew with a holdover time clock to monitor the overall process from the start of anti-icing to the take-off of the aircraft.

SureApp is a simple, reliable tool for the modern pilot. And it’s a no-risk, no-charge entry into electronic holdover times.

For more information on SureApp, please contact SureWx.

More pilots and airlines fly with SureWx than any other alternative.

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